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So, are there any Tips and Tricks to win the Lottery, win your state lottery, Powerball, Hot Lotto or Mega Millions drawings? Well, to be honest, NO.
People who try to sell "special" systems or methods that guarantee you will win millions in the lottery are wasting your money. But there are a few Lottery Tips and Tricks you can follow to make sure that you can be a bit more likely to win a few bucks the next time you play the lottery. and That's what "Lottery Tricks" is trying to offer. Remember, the chance of winning the powerball or Hot Lotto Lottery is one in millions, and even buying hundreds of lottery tickets doesn't make you much more likely to hit the jackpot on the first draw. However Lottery Tricks offers these free Tips and Tricks that you can follow to have a better chance winning. keeps track of all the past Powerball and Hot Lotto Winning Numbers. If you have access to the Powerball or Hot Lotto winning numbers from a previous drawing(Winning Numbers archive), take a look at them before buying your tickets. Although it won't guarantee a win, you will be slightly more likely to win if you pick numbers that were not chosen in the last drawing, since the chance of them being drawn again is small, and here are some helpfull statistics and numbers frequency. Also, if you purchase scratch off games, check the state lottery website to see which games still have a large number of jackpots that have not yet been claimed. If you purchase scratch off lotto games that have not yet produced many winners, your chances should be just a bit higher. Lottery Tricks did some research and found that all state lotteries are required by law to display all remaining prizes on all active scratchers. Here is the list of some Lottery scratchers' remaining prizes:

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