There is a reason why lottery Tricks came to existence. As an ex-employee for the Florida lottery, I saw many of our players' circle members play different numbers all the time without winning a single ticket. However there are a high percentage of those players who play the same numbers that win very often.

Honestly, there no such thing as “how to hit the jackpot.” All we know is how to increase you chances to match few numbers, not all 6 sets of numbers. No one knows how to hit the jackpot but we know at least how to avoid wasting money.

Those are big scammers. If they knew how to hit the jackpot, don't you thing they'll be winning millions of dollars instead of trying to sell few copies of a fake book? It’s unbelievable.

No. We don't guarantee anything, our service is totally free. We just show methods you can use to avoid wasting money and time. For example: playing 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6 as a powerball is really the lowest chance you can have...

At the end of June, we will be launching our Lottery Tricks Club which will offer many free services... Predictions, Check Numbers, SMS alerts, Numbers builder, combinations to avoid, Random Numbers...

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